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Birds, the largest number of tetrapod vertebrates, are warm-blooded egg layers and are unique in their covering of feathers. While most birds can fly, some are flightless such as the ostrich and penguin, but all have forelimbs that have evolved into wings. Their feathers developed from scales and provide a flight surface, while scales on their legs can still be seen today. While most birds are active during the day, some, such as the owl, are active at night. Birds are very popular animals as can be seen in the hobbies of birding and birdwatching.

On this page you will find stock photos of song birds, backyard birds, waterfowl, birds of prey and more.
game bird pictures
game birds song bird pictures
bird photos
 A, B, C, D, E 

A - Bird

acorn woodpecker

African crowned crane

African yellow-billed hornbill

African saddle-billed stork

albatross, black-footed

albatross, laysan

albatross, short-tailed

Allen's hummingbird

Amazon kingfisher

American avocet

American bittern

American black duck

American coot

American crow

American dipper

American goldfinch

American kestrel

American pipit

American redstart

American robin

American white pelican

American wigeon


aplomado falcon

ash-throated flycatcher

Atlantic puffin

Auklet, rhinoceros

Australian emu

Australian purple swamphen

Australian rainbow bee-eater

Australian white ibis

avocet, American

B - Bird

bald eagle

baltimore oriole

band-tailed pigeon

bar-headed goose

barnacle goose

barn owl

barn swallow

barred owl

Barrow's goldeneye

bee-eater, rainbow, Australian

Belcher's gull

belted kingfisher

Bewick's wren

bittern, American

black and white warbler

black-backed woodpecker

black-bellied cuckoo

black-bellied plover

black-bellied whistling duck

black-billed magpie

blackbird, Brewer's

blackbird, red-winged

blackbird, tricolored

blackbird, yellow-headed

blackburnian warbler

black bustard

black-capped chickadee

black-chinned hummingbird

black-crowned night heron

black currawong

black duck, American

black-footed albatross

black guillemot

black hawk

black-headed grosbeak

black-necked stilt

black oystercatcher

black phoebe

black rosy finch

black scoter

black skimmer

black-tailed gnatcatcher

black-throated blue warbler

black-throated gray warbler

black-throated green warbler

black vulture

bluebird, eastern

bluebird, mountain

bluebird, western

blue-footed booby

blue grosbeak

blue grouse

blue jay

blue-throated macaw

blue-winged teal

blue-winged warbler

boat-billed heron

boat-tailed grackle


bobwhite quail

booby, blue-footed

booby, brown

booby, masked

booby, red-footed

bowerbird, satin

Brandt's cormorant

Brewer's blackbird

Brewer's sparrow

broad-billed hummingbird

brown booby

brown-crested flycatcher

brown-headed cowbird

brown jay

brown pelican


buff-necked ibis

bullbat, nighthawk

Bullock's oriole

bunting, painted

burrowing owl


bustard, black

bustard, kori

butcherbird, grey


C - Bird

Cackling goose

cactus wren

California condor

Canada goose, geese

Canada warbler


Cape Barren goose

Cape May warbler

caracara, crested


Carolina chickadee

Carolina wren

cattle egret

cedar waxwing

cerulean warbler

chachalaca, plain

chestnut-backed chickadee

chestnut-mandibled toucan

chestnut-sided warbler

chickadee, black-capped

chickadee, Carolina

chickadee, chestnut-backed

chickadee, mountain

chicken, domestic

Chinese goose


cinnamon teal

Clark's nutcracker

clay-colored thrush

cockatoo, sulphur-crested

common goldeneye

common loon

common merganser

common moorhen

common nighthawk, nightjar

common raven

common redpoll

common shelduck, European

common snipe

common yellowthroat

condor, California

Cooper's hawk

coot, American

cormorant, Brandt's

cormorant, double-crested

cormorant, neotropic

cowbird, brown-headed

crane, African crowned

crane, sandhill

crane, whooping

crested caracara

crossbill, red

crow, American

crow, Tamaulipas

cuckoo, black-bellied

cuckoo, mangrove

curlew, long-billed

currawong, black

currawong, pied

curve-billed thrasher

D - Bird

dark-eyed junco

dipper, American

domestic chicken

domestic pigeon

double-crested cormorant

dove, mourning

downy woodpecker

duck, black, American

duck, black-bellied whistling

duck, black scoter

duck, bufflehead

duck, canvasback

duck, domestic, aflac

duck, gadwall

duck, goldeneye, Barrow's

duck, goldeneye, common

duck, fulvous whistling

duck, harlequin

duck, mallard

duck, mandarin

duck, muscovy

duck, northern pintail

duck, northern shoveler

duck, pintail

duck, redhead

duck, ring-necked

duck, ruddy

duck, scaup, greater

duck, scaup, lesser

duck, teal blue-winged

duck, teal cinnamon

duck, teal green-winged

duck, wigeon, American

duck, wigeon, Eurasian

duck, wood

E - Bird

eagle, bald

eagle, golden

eagle, harpy

eagle, Steller's sea

eagle owl, Verreaux's

eared grebe

eastern bluebird

eastern screech owl

eastern towhee

eider, king

elegant tern

elegant trogon

emperor goose

emu, Australian

egret, cattle

egret, great

egret, reddish

egret, snowy

Eurasian wigeon

European starling

evening grosbeak

bird pictures

bird pictures
 F, G, H, I, J 

F - Bird

falcon, aplomado

falcon, merlin

falcon, peregrine

falcon, prairie

finch, black rosy

finch, gray-crowned rosy

finch, house


flicker, northern

Florida scrub jay

flycatcher, ash-throated

flycatcher, brown-crested

flycatcher, Hammond's

flycatcher, Pacific-slope

fox sparrow

Franklin's gull

frigatebird, magnificent

frogmouth, tawny

fulmar, northern

fulvous whistling-duck

G - Bird

gadwall, duck

gallinule, purple

Gambell's quail

gila woodpecker

glossy ibis

gnatcatcher, black-tailed

golden eagle

golden-crowned kinglet

golden-crowned sparrow

goldeneye, Barrow's

goldeneye, common

goldfinch, American

golfinch, lesser

goose, bar-headed

goose, barnacle

goose, Cackling

goose, Canada

goose, Cape Barren

goose, Chinese

goose, emperor

goose, Ross's

goose, snow

goose, white-fronted

goshawk, pale chanting

Grace's warbler

grackle, boat-tailed

grackle, common

gray-crowned rosy finch

gray jay

gray vireo

great blue heron

great egret

great gray owl

great horned owl

great kiskadee

great potoo

greater roadrunner

greater scaup

grebe, eared

grebe, horned

grebe, least

grebe, pied-billed

grebe, western

green heron

green jay

green kingfisher

green-winged teal

grey butcherbird

grosbeak, black-headed

grosbeak, blue

grosbeak, evening

grosbeak, rose-breasted

grouse, blue

grouse, ruffed

grouse, sage

grouse, sharp-tailed

grouse, spruce

guillemot, black

guillemot, pigeon

gull, Belcher's

gull, Franklin's

gull, Heermann's

gull, Ring-billed

H - Bird

hairy woodpecker

Hammond's flycatcher

harlequin duck

harpy eagle

harrier, northern

hawk, black

hawk, Cooper's

hawk, Harris's

hawk, red-shouldered

hawk, red-tailed

hawk, sharp-shinned

Heermann's gull

hermit thrush

hermit warbler

heron, black-crowned night

heron, boat-billed

heron, great blue

heron, green

heron, little blue

heron, tricolored

heron, yellow-crowned, night

hooded merganser

hooded oriole

hooded warbler

hornbill, African yellow-billed

horned grebe

horned lark

house finch

house sparrow

house wren

hummingbird, Allen's

hummingbird, Anna's nesting

hummingbird, black-chinned

hummingbird, broad-billed

hummingbird, rufous, female

I - Bird

ibis, buff-necked

ibis, glossy

ibis, white, Australian

ibis, white-faced

ibis, white, North America

island scrub jay

J - Bird

jabiru stork

jay, blue

jay, brown

jay, gray

jay, green

jay, Mexican

jay, pinyon

jay, scrub

jay, scrub, Florida

jay, scrub, island

jay, Steller's

junco, dark-eyed

bird photos

bird photos
 K, L, M, N 

K - Bird

kestrel, American


kingbird, tropical

kingbird, western

king eider

kingfisher, Amazon

kingfisher, belted

kingfisher, green

kingfisher, ringed

kinglet, golden-crowned

kinglet, ruby-crowned

Kirtland's warbler

kiskadee, great

kite, Mississippi

kite, snail

kite, white-tailed

kookaburra, laughing

kori bustard

L - Bird

ladder-backed woodpecker

lark bunting

lark, horned

laughing kookaburra

laysan albatross

least grebe

least tern

least sandpiper

Le Conte's Thrasher

lesser goldfinch

lesser nighthawk

lesser prairie chicken

lesser scaup

Lewis's woodpecker

lilac-breasted roller

little blue heron

loggerhead shrike

long-billed curlew

long-eared owl

loon, common

lorikeet, rainbow

Louisiana waterthrush

Lucy's warbler

M - Bird

macaw, blue throated

macaw, scarlet

MacGillivray's warbler

magnificent frigatebird

magpie, black-billed

magpie, yellow-billed

mallard duck

mandarin duck

mangrove cuckoo

marbled godwit

marabou stork

masked bobwhite quail

masked booby

meadowlark, western

merganser, common

merganser, hooded

merganser, red-breasted

merlin falcon

Mexican jay

Mississippi kite

mockingbird, northern

monk parakeet

moorhen common

mountain bluebird

mountain chickadee

mountain quail

mourning dove

mourning warbler

muscovy duck

mute swan

N - Bird

Nashville warbler

neotropic cormorant

nighthawk, common, nightjar

nighthawk, lesser

night heron, black-crowned

northern bobwhite quail

northern flicker

northern fulmar

northern harrier

northern mockingbird

northern parula

northern pintail

northern pygmy owl

northern saw-whet owl

northern pintail duck

northern shoveler duck

nutcracker, Clark's

nuthatch, red-breasted

nuthatch, white-breasted

Nuttall's woodpecker

song bird photos

song bird photos
 O, P, Q, R 

O - Bird

orange-crowned, warbler

oriole, Baltimore

oriole, Bullock's

oriole, hooded

oriole, Scott's



ovambo sparrowhawk


owl, barn

owl, barred

owl, burrowing

owl, great gray

owl, great horned

owl, long-eared

owl, northern pygmy

owl, northern saw-whet

owl, screech, eastern

owl, screech, western

owl, snowy

owl, spotted

owl, Verreaux's eagle

oystercatcher, American

oystercatcher, black

P - Bird

Pacific-slope flycatcher

painted bunting

painted redstart

pale chanting goshawk

palm warbler

parula, northern

parakeet, monk


pelican, brown

pelican, white, American


peregrine falcon


phalarope, Wilson's

pheasant, ring-necked

phoebe, black

pied-billed grebe

pied currawong

pigeon, band-tailed

pigeon, domestic

pigeon, guillemot

pileated woodpecker

pine warbler

pintail duck, northern

pinyon jay

pipit, American

plain chachalaca

plover, black-bellied

plover, snowy

pochard, red-crested

pochard, rosy-billed

potoo, great

prairie chicken, lesser

prairie falcon

prairie warbler

prothonotary warbler

ptarmigan, white-tailed, winter

ptarmigan, willow

puffin, Atlantic

puffin, tufted

purple gallinule

purple swamphen, Australian


Q - Bird

quail, Gambell's

quail, California

quail, masked bobwhite

quail, mountain

quail, northern bobwhite

quail, scaled

R - Bird

rainbow bee-eater, Australian

rainbow lorikeet

raven, common


red-bellied woodpecker

red-billed tropicbird

red-breasted merganser

red-breasted nuthatch

red-crested pochard

red crossbill

reddish egret

red-faced warbler

redhead duck

red-footed booby

red knot

red-naped sapsucker

redpoll, common

red-shafted flicker

redstart, American

redstart, painted

red-shouldered hawk

red-tailed hawk

red-tailed tropicbird

red-winged blackbird

rhinoceros auklet

ring-billed gull, seagull

ringed kingfisher

ringed teal

ring-necked duck

ring-necked pheasant

robin, American

roadrunner, greater

roseate spoonbill

rose-breasted grosbeak

Ross's goose

rosy-billed pochard

ruby-crowned kinglet

ruddy duck

ruddy turnstone

ruffed grouse

rufus-sided towhee

waterfowl pictures

waterfowl pictures
 S, T, U, V 

S - Bird

sage grouse

sage sparrow

sage thrasher


sandhill crane

sandpiper, least

sandpiper, spotted

sapsucker, red-naped

satin bowerbird

savannah sparrow

saw-whet owl, northern

scaled quail

scarlet macaw

scaup, greater

scaup, lesser

scoter, black

scoter, surf

Scott's oriole

screech owl, eastern

screech owl, western

scrub jay

scrub jay, Florida

sea eagle, Steller's

sea gull, misc.

seagull, Ring-billed

secretary bird

sharp-shinned hawk

sharp-tailed grouse

shelduck, common, European

short-tailed albatross

shoveler duck, northern

shrike, loggerhead

skimmer, black

snail kite

snipe, common

snow goose

snowy egret

snowy owl

snowy plover


sparrow, Brewer's

sparrow, fox

sparrow, golden-crowned

sparrowhawk, ovambo

sparrow, house

sparrow, sage

sparrow, savannah

sparrow, song

sparrow, white-crowned

sparrow, white-throated

spoonbill, roseate

spotted owl

spotted sandpiper

spruce grouse

starling, European

Steller's jay

Steller's sea eagle

stilt, black-necked

stork, jabiru

stork, marabou

stork, saddle-billed

stork, wood

sulphur-crested cockatoo


surf scoter

Swainson's toucan

swallow, barn

swallow, tree

swallow, violet-green

swamphen, Australian purple

swan, mute

swan, trumpeter

swan, tundra

T - Bird

Tamaulipas crow

tanager, western

tawny frogmouth

teal, blue-winged

teal, cinnamon

teal, green-winged

teal, ringed

tern, elegant

tern, least

thrasher, curve-billed

thrasher, Le Conte's

thrasher, sage

thrush, clay-colored

thrush, hermit

towhee, eastern, rufus-sided

Townsend's warbler

toucan, chesnut-mandibled, Swainson's

tree swallow

tricolored blackbird

tricolored heron

trogon, elegant

tropical kingbird

tropicbird, red-billed

tropicbird, red-tailed

trumpeter swan

tundra swan

tufted puffin

tufted titmouse

turkey, wild

turkey vulture

turnstone, ruddy

V - Bird


Verreaux's eagle owl

violent-green swallow

Virginia's warbler

vireo, gray

vireo, warbling

vulture, African

vulture, black

vulture, turkey

waterfowl photos

waterfowl photos
 W, X, Y, Z 

W - Bird

warbler, black and white

warbler, blackburnian

warbler, black-throated blue

warbler, black-throated gray

warbler, black-throated green

warbler, blue-winged

warbler, Canada

warbler, Cape May

warbler, cerulean

warbler, chestnut-sided

warbler, Grace's

warbler, hermit

warbler, hooded

warbler, Kirtland's

warbler, Lucy's

warbler, MacGillivray's

warbler, mourning

warbler, Nashville

warbler, orange-crowned

warbler, palm

warbler, pine

warbler, prairie

warbler, prothonotary

warbler, red-faced

warbler, Townsend's

warbler, Virginia's

warbler, Wilson's

warbler, yellow

warbler, yellow-rumped

warbler, yellow-throated

warbling vireo

waterthrush, Louisiana

waxwing, cedar

western bluebird

western grebe

western kingbird

western meadowlark

western screech owl

western tanager

whistling duck, black-bellied

white-breasted nuthatch

white-crowned sparrow

white-faced ibis

white-fronted goose

white-headed woodpecker

white ibis, Australian

white ibis, North America

white pelican, American

white-tailed kite

white-tailed ptarmigan, winter

white-throated sparrow

whooping crane

wild turkey

wigeon, American

wigeon, Eurasian


willow ptarmigan

Wilson's phalarope


wood duck

woodpecker, acorn

woodpecker, black-backed

woodpecker, downy

woodpecker, gila

woodpecker, hairy

woodpecker, ladder-backed

woodpecker, Lewis's

woodpecker, northern flicker

woodpecker, Nuttall's

woodpecker, pileated

woodpecker, red-bellied

woodpecker, red-naped sapsucker

woodpecker, white-headed

wood stork

wren, Bewick's

wren, cactus

wren, Carolina

wren, house


Y - Bird

yellow-billed hornbill, African

yellow-billed magpie

yellow-breasted chat

yellow-crowned night heron

yellow-headed blackbird

yellow-rumped warbler

yellowthroat, common

yellow-throated warbler

yellow warbler

bird of prey pictures

bird of prey pictures