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Most fish are cold-blooded, entirely aquatic vertebrates that have paired fins, torpedo-like bodies, and lay eggs. Many breathe by means of gills, but a few breath atmospheric air via lung-like organs or other adaptations of their bodies. A few saltwater fish, such as tuna, swordfish, and a few sharks, are able to maintain body temperatures above that of the surrounding water. Many fish have highly developed senses of sight and smell, as well as the ability to detect movement and vibration in the water with their lateral line organ. Scales are commonly found on bony fish, while some fish, such as catfish and eels, have no scales. Fish are very popular animals, as a commercial food source, in sport fishing, and as entertainment in public aquariums and private fish tanks.

On this page you will find stock photos of freshwater fish, saltwater fish, game fish, bass, trout, and a variety of underwater and undersea subjects.
fish pictures
underwater fish pictures game fish pictures
fish photos

anemone, starburst

banded coral shrimp

beaded sea cucumber

blue land crab

Bradley's sea star, starfish

California sea hare

Caribbean reef squid

channel clinging crab

coral, sea fan, tube worm

cowrie, flamingo tongue

crawfish, crayfish, crawdad, écrevisses

crab, blue land, great land

crab, channel clinging

crab, horseshoe

crab, Sally lightfoot

crown-of-thorns sea star


cuttlefish, European

diver, scuba, underwater

flamingo tongue cowrie

frosted nudibranch

ghost shrimp

giant pacific octopus

great land crab

hawksbill sea turtle

horseshoe crab


lobster, pinto spiny

lobster, slipper

lobster, spiny

mantis shrimp

moon snail, Lewis's

nudibranch, frosted

nudibranch, sea lemon

octopus, octopi

octopus, giant pacific

porpoise, dolphin

pinto spiny lobster

red rock crab

red shrimp

Sally lightfoot crab

scuba diver underwater

sea hare, sea slug, California

sea lemon nudibranch

sea star, Bradley's

sea star, crown-of-thorns

sea star, yellow-spotted

sea cucumber, beaded

sea slug, California

sea turtle, hawksbill

sea turtle, green

sea urchin - see urchin

shrimp, banded coral

shrimp, ghost

shrimp, mantis

shrimp, red

slipper lobster

spiny lobster

squid, Caribbean reef

starburst anemone

starfish - see sea star

yellow-spotted sea star

white land crab

game fish stock photography

game fish stock photography
 A, B, C, D, E, F 

A - Fish

American paddlefish

angelfish, queen

B - Fish

balloonfish, puffer

banded butterflyfish

barracuda, great

bass, large mouth

bass, rock

bass, small mouth

bass, spotted

bass, striped

bass, white

beluga sturgeon

bicolor damselfish

bigmouth buffalo

black bullhead catfish

black crappie

blue catfish

bluegill sunfish

blue spotted grouper, peacock rockcod

brook trout

brown trout

buffalo bigmouth

buffalo smallmouth

bull trout

bumphead parrotfish

butterflyfish, banded

butterflyfish, spotfin

C - Fish

carp, common

carp, dead, floating, rotting, fish

catfish, black bullhead

catfish, blue

catfish, channel

channel catfish

clownfish, clown fish

coral hawkfish

crappie, black

crappie, white

crawfish, crayfish, crawdad, ecrevisses


cuttlefish, European

cutthroat trout

D - Fish

damselfish, bicolor

dead fish, rotting, floating, carp, bass

discus, heckel

decorated warbonnet

Dolly Varden trout, bull

dolphin, porpoise

drumfish, freshwater

E - Fish

écrevisses, crawfish, crayfish, crawdad

eel, wolf

eel, electric

electric ray, giant

F - Fish

fish, school of

freshwater drumfish


frogfish, orange

underwater fish stock photos

underwater fish stock photos
 G, H, I, J, K 

G - Fish

gar, longnose

giant electric ray

goby, yellowprow

great barracuda

grouper, blue spotted, peacock rockcod

guineafowl puffer fish

guppy fish, guppies

H - Fish

heckel, discus

hybrid striped bass

fish stock pictures

fish stock pictures
 L, M, N, O, P 

fish photos

fish photos
 Q, R, S, T, U 

underwater fish stock pics

underwater fish stock pics
 V, W, X, Y, Z 

V - Fish

valentini sharpnose puffer

W - Fish


white bass

white crappie

white sucker

wolf eel

Y - Fish

yellowprow, goby

yellow perch

underwater fish pictures

underwater fish pictures