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Insects are animals that have exoskeletons comprised of three parts, head, thorax and abdomen. They have six legs that occur in pairs and most have wings. Their heads have compound eyes, antennae and mouthparts. Insects are sensitive to their environment, from their compound eyes, to tiny hairs on their antennae and bodies, which are sensitive to touch, taste and smell. Insects generally go through a transformation from young to adult, beginning with either larval or nymph states.

Arachnids are insect-like arthropods with bodies comprised of two parts, the abdomen and the cephalothorax, which contains the head and thorax. In comparison to insects, their eyes are simple instead of compound. They lack wings and antennae, and have four pairs of legs instead of the six found in insects. Arachnida as a group include scorpions, spiders, ticks and mites. Some are parasite pests, while others are herbivorous and destroy commercial crops. Some arachnids have a bite or sting that's poisonous to humans.

On this page you will find insect stock photography and arachnid stock pictures in a large variety of subjects including beetles, butterflies, bees, flies, wasps, spiders, scorpions, dragonflies, ladybugs and household pests like aphids, mosquitoes, cockroaches and silverfish.
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insect pictures spider pictures
bug photos
 A, B 

A - Insect

Abacion tesselatum millipede

Acanaloniid planthopper, Acanalonia conica

admirable grasshopper

African black tail scorpion

African giant land snail

Ailanthus webworm moth

alfalfa lady beetle

amberwing dragonfly

ambush bug, Phymata genus

American bird grasshopper

American bluet damselfly

American bumblebee

American cockroach

American dagger moth caterpillar

American dog tick

American rubyspot damselfly

American snout butterfly

angle-winged katydid, greater

ant, carpenter, black

ant, carpenter, Camponotus semitestaceus

ant, carpenter, Camponotus subbarbatus

ant, false honey

ant, Formica fusca, silky

ant, Formica pallidefulva

ant, Formica rufa, mound building

ant, harvester, Pogonomyrmex

ant herding aphids, milking, tending

ant, Lasius

ant, leaf-cutting, atta

antlion larva, doodlebug

antlion adult

antmimic spider

ant, mound building

ant, odorous

ant, silky

ant, spine-waisted

Anthophorine bee, Anthophora

ant, velvet, red-haired

aphid, aphids

aphid, giant bark

aphid, milkweed, oleander

aphid, woolly

aquatic snail, pond

arabesque orb weaver

argiope spider, banded

argiope spider, black and yellow

Arizona dampwood termite

Arizona striped-tail scorpion, 3-stripe, devil scorpion

Army cutworm

arrowhead spider

Asian multicolored lady beetle, ladybug

Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus

Asilidae, robber flies

assassin bug, bee assassin

assassin bug, black corsair

assassin bug, masked hunter

assassin bug, spiny

assassin bug, sycamore

assassin bug, wheel bug

assassin bug, Zelus luridus

Astata wasp

attacus caesar moth

aulacid wasp, Aulacidae

autumn yellow-winged grasshopper

B - Insect



banded tussock moth

Batyle beetle, fire-necked

banded garden spider, orb weaver

banded orange heliconian butterfly

banded tussock moth

banded tussock moth (caterpillar)

banded woolly bear (caterpillar)

band-winged grasshopper, Encoptolophus costalis

bark scorpion, Florida

bean leaf beetle

bee assassin

bee, Anthophorine, Anthophora

bee, bumble, American

bumblebee, Bombus huntii

bee, bumble, brown-belted

bee, bumble, golden northern

bee, bumble, southern plains

bee, carpenter, eastern

bee, digger, Melissodes

bee flies

bee, Halictid sp., species

bee, honey

bee, hive

bee, leaf-cutting

bee, leaf-cutting, cuckoo

bee, long-horned, Melissodes bimaculata

bee, long-horned, Svastra obliqua obliqua

bee, Stelis

bee, sweat

bee, wool carder

beetle, alfalfa lady

beetle, Batyle, fire-necked

beetle, bean leaf

beetle, bess

beetle, blister, black

beetle, blister, gray

beetle, blister, oil

beetle, blister, Pyrota insulata

beetle, blister, three-lined

beetle, blister, Tricrania stansburyi

beetle, blister, Zonitis sayi

beetle, blue-margined ground

beetle, brown fruit chafer

beetle, buprestid, yellow-marked

beetle, cactus longhorn

beetle, calligrapha, elm

beetle, carrion, garden

beetle, carpet, Dermestes marmoratus

beetle, carpet, varied

beetle, carpet, larva

beetle, caterpillar hunter

beetle, cicada parasite, cedar

beetle, click

beetle, Colorado potato

beetle, cucumber, spotted

beetle, dark flower scarab

beetle, darkling, Coelocnemis

beetle, darkling, Embaphion

beetle, darkling, Eleodes suturalis

beetle, delta flower scarab

beetle, dogbane

beetle, dung, scooped scarab

beetle, elm calligrapha

beetle, elm leaf

beetle, end-band net-wing

beetle, firefly - see firefly

beetle, false bombardier

beetle, Chrysolina leaf

beetle, fire-colored

beetle, flea, Altica

beetle, flea, Disonycha

beetle, flower scarab

beetle, golden net-wing

beetle, goldenrod soldier

beetle, goliath

beetle, green dock

beetle, green june

beetle, ground, blue-margined

beetle, ground, Dicaelus purpuratus

beetle, ground, murky

beetle, ground, Pennsylvania

beetle, horned passalus

beetle, ironclad, diabolical

beetle, ivory-marked longhorn

beetle, Japanese

beetle, june bug

beetle, Kern's flower scarab

beetle, klamath weed

beetle, ladybird, ladybug - see L ladybird

beetle, lightning bug, larva

beetle, locust borer longhorn

beetle, longhorn, Batyle suturalis

beetle, longhorn, ivory-marked

beetle, longhorn, soybean stem borer

beetle, longhorn, spotted pine sawyer

beetle, masked chafer

beetle, may, Hoplia laticollis

beetle, may, Phyllophaga species"

beetle, Mexican bean leaf, larva

beetle, milkweed leaf

beetle, milkweed longhorn, red-femured borer

beetle, net-winged, end-band

beetle, net-winged, Eropterus trilineatus

beetle, oil

beetle, pleasing fungus, red-banded

beetle, red flat bark

beetle, rhino, Costa Rica

beetle, rhinocerus, Phileurus

beetle, polypore fungus

beetle, red-blue checkered

beetle, red-headed Texas Chrysomela

beetle, rhubarb

beetle, rove

beetle, Smith's fruit chafer

beetle, snout, Curculio weevil

beetle, soldier, Colorado

beetle, soldier, goldenrod

beetle, soldier, Podabrus rugosulus

beetle, soldier, Podabrus tomentosus

beetle, soldier, Trypherus latipennis

beetle, soybean stem borer

beetle, spotted cucumber

beetle, spotted pine sawyer longhorn

beetle, squash lady

beetle, tiger, crimson saltflat

beetle, tiger, sidewalk

beetle, tiger, six-spotted

beetle, tiger, twelve-spotted

beetle, toe-winged

beetle, tortoise, mottled

beetle, swamp milkweed leaf

beetle, twenty-four spot lady

beetle, weevil, black vine, snout

beetle, weevil, bluegrass billbug

beetle, weevil, ironweed curculio

beetle, weevil, nut and acorn

beetle, weevil, rhubarb

beetle, weevil, Rhyssomatus

beetle, whirligig

beetle, wireworm

bess beetle

big-eyed toad bug

big-headed fly

bird eating spider

bird grasshopper, American

bird grasshopper, gray

bird grasshopper, obscure

black horse fly

black and yellow argiope spider

black and yellow mud dauber wasp

black carpenter ant

black corsair assassin bug

black desert hairy scorpion

black earth tiger tarantula

black firefly

black leaf-leg planthopper

black-legged meadow katydid

black-sided pygmy grasshopper

black soldier fly

black swallowtail butterfly

black trapdoor spider

black vine weevil, snout beetle

black widow spider, northern

black widow spider, western

blister beetle, black

blister beetle, gray

blister beetle, oil

blister beetle, Pyrota insulata

blister beetle, three-striped

blister beetle, Tricrania stansburyi

blister beetle, Zonitis sayi

blow fly, Calliphora

blue dasher dragonfly

blue-eyed darner dragonfly

blue-fronted dancer damselfly

bluegrass billbug

blue-margined ground beetle

blue morpho butterfly, common

blue-winged scoliid wasp

bold jumping spider

Boll's grasshopper

boxelder bug, eastern

braconid wasp, Atanycolus

braconid wasp, Doryctes

braconid wasp, Macrocentrus


broad-headed bug

broad-winged tree cricket

bronzed cutworm

brown-belted bumblebee

brown fruit chafer beetle

brown lacewing

brown recluse spider, violin spider

brown-spotted range grasshopper

brown stink bug, Euschistus sp.

brush-legged spider

buckeye butterfly

bug, broad-headed

bug, cactus coreid

bug, creeping water

bug, damsel

bug, plant, Neurocolpus

bug, plant, four-lined

bug, plant, Paraxenetus guttulatus

bug, stilt

bumblebee, American

bumblebee, Bombus huntii

bumblebee, brown-belted

bumblebee, golden northern

bumblebee, southern plains

bumblebee mimic robber fly

bumble flower beetle

buprestid beetle, yellow-marked

burying beetle, sexton

bush cicada

bush cricket, jumping

butterfly, American snout

butterfly, black swallowtail

butterfly, blue morpho, common

butterfly, buckeye

butterfly, Cairns birdwing

butterfly, Choe cracker

butterfly, clouded sulphur

butterfly, comma, Polygonia comma

butterfly, duskywing skipper, funereal

butterfly, eastern tailed blue

butterfly, eastern tiger swallowtail

butterfly, goatweed

butterfly, gray hairstreak

butterfly, hackberry emperor

butterfly, heliconian, banded orange

butterfly, heliconian, julia

butterfly, heliconian, zebra longwing

butterfly, great southern white

butterfly, gulf fritillary

butterfly, large orange sulphur

butterfly, leafwing, tropical

butterfly, melissa blue, mating, butterflies

butterfly, Mexican bluewing

butterfly, monarch

butterfly, mourning cloak

butterfly, orange-banded shoemaker

butterfly, orange sulphur

butterfly, owl, tawny

butterfly, painted lady

butterfly, pearl crescent

butterfly, polydamas swallowtail

butterfly, queen

butterfly, question mark

butterfly, question mark (caterpillar)

butterfly, Rajah Brooke's birdwing

butterfly, red-spotted purple

butterfly, ruby lacewing, red

butterfly, scarlet peacock

butterfly, skipper, misc., mating, feeding

butterfly, skipper, long dash

butterfly, skipper, sachem

butterfly, skipper, woodland

butterfly, snout, American

butterfly, summer azure

butterfly, tongue, closeup

butterfly, two-tailed swallowtail

butterfly, viceroy

butterfly, white peacock

butterfly, wood nymph, common

butterfly, zebra longwing

butterfly, zebra swallowtail

bug pictures

bug pictures
 C, D, E, F, G 

C - Insect

cactus coreid bug

cactus dodger cicada

cactus longhorn beetle

Cairns birdwing butterfly

California common scorpion

calligrapha beetle, elm

camel cricket

camel spider

candy-striped leafhopper

Carolina grasshopper, locust

Carolina mantis, mantid

carpenter ant, black

carpenter ant, Camponotus semitestaceus

carpenter ant, Camponotus subbarbatus

carpenter bee, eastern

carpet beetle, Dermestes marmoratus

carpet beetle, varied

carpet beetle larva

carrion beetle, burying, sexton

carrion beetle, garden

caterpillar, American dagger moth

caterpillar, black swallowtail butterfly

caterpillar, cutworm, army

caterpillar, cutworm, bronzed

caterpillar, cutworm, green

caterpillar, Datana moth

caterpillar, eight-spotted forester moth

caterpillar, gypsy moth

caterpillar hunter beetle

caterpillar, linden looper moth

caterpillar, monarch butterfly

caterpillar, question mark butterfly

caterpillar, silvery checkerspot butterfly

caterpillar, swallowtail, two-tailed

caterpillar, tent

caterpillar, tent, Malacosoma

caterpillar, tomato worm, tobacco hornworm

caterpillar, tussock moth, banded

caterpillar, tussock moth, milkweed

caterpillar, tussock moth, western

caterpillar, white peacock butterfly

caterpillar, woolly bear, banded

cat-faced spider, jewel

cave cricket

cedar beetle, cicada parasite

cellar spider


centipede, Hong Kong giant

centipede, house

centipede, stone, Lithobiomorpha

centipede, Tanzanian neon blue leg

centipede, Vietnamese giant

chafer, brown fruit

chafer, Smith's fruit

Chinese black earth tiger tarantula

Chinese centipede, Hong Kong giant

Chinese praying mantis

Chloe's cracker butterfly

Chrysolina leaf beetle

cicada, 17 year, seventeen

cicada, cactus dodger

cicada, bush

cicada, dog day harvestfly

cicada, field

cicada, giant grassland

cicada killer wasp

cicada, northern dusk singing

cicada, Okanagana genus

cicada parasite beetle, cedar

cicada, periodical

cicada, scissor-grinder

cicada, silver-bellied

cicada, swamp

cicada, Tibicen dealbatus

cicada, Tibicen pronotalis

citrus flatid planthopper

cixiid planthopper, Oliarus

clear-winged grasshopper

clearwing moth, snowberry

click beetle

click beetle larva, wireworm

clouded sulphur butterfly

cluster fly

cobalt blue tarantula

cobweb spider, Argyrodes

cobweb spider, common house

cobweb spider, Rhomphaea

cockroach, American

cockroach, dark wood

cockroach, Oriental

cockroach, Madagascar hissing

cockroach, South American giant

cockroach, wood, Pennsylvania

Colorado potato beetle

Colorado soldier beetle

comma butterfly, Polygonia comma

common blue morpho butterfly

common burrower mayfly

common house spider

common spragueia moth

common whitetail dragonfly

common wood nymph butterfly

conchuela stink bug

cone-head katydid, Neoconocephalus

confused eusarca moth

conifer seed bug, western

convergent ladybird beetle, ladybug

corn earworm, life cycle, moth, caterpillar, pupa

cow killer

crab, horseshoe

crab spiders

crab spider, goldenrod flower

crab spider, ground

crab spider, Misumenops

crackling forest grasshopper

crane fly

creeping water bug, Pelocoris sp.

cricket, bush, jumping

cricket, camel, cave

cricket, field

cricket, Japanese burrowing

cricket, Jerusalem

cricket, mole

cricket, Mormon

cricket, mole, prairie

cricket, tree, broad-winged

cricket, tree, narrow-winged

cricket, tree, Oecanthus

cricket, tree, two-spotted

crimson saltflat tiger beetle

cuckoo leaf-cutting bee

cucumber beetle, spotted

cutworm, army

cutworm, bronzed

cutworm, green

D - Insect

daddy long legs

dampwood termite, Arizona, southwestern

damsel bug

damselfly, damselflies

damselfly, American bluet

damselfly, American rubyspot

damselfly, blue-fronted dancer

damselfly, double-striped bluet

damselfly, eastern forktail

damselfly, ebony jewelwing

damselfly, familiar bluet

damselfly, great spreadwing

damselfly larva, nymph, larvae

damselfly, powdered dancer

damselfly, springwater dancer

damselfly, vivid dancer

daring jumping spider

dark flower scarab beetle

darkling beetle, Coelocnemis

darkling beetle, Embaphion

darkling beetle, Eleodes suturalis

dark wood cockroach

delta flower scarab beetle

derbid planthopper

desert hairy scorpion

diabolical ironclad beetle

diamond-backed spittlebug

dictyopharid planthopper

differential grasshopper

digger bee, Melissodes

digger wasp, common

digger wasp, great golden

dobsonfly larva, hellgrammite

dock spider

dogbane beetle

dog day harvestfly cicada


dotted wolf spider

double-banded scoliid wasp

double-striped bluet damselfly

dragonfly, dragonflies, misc

dragonfly, blue dasher

dragonfly, blue-eyed darner

dragonfly, common whitetail

dragonfly, eastern amberwing

dragonfly, eastern pondhawk

dragonfly, flag-tailed spinyleg

dragonfly, four-spotted skimmer

dragonfly, green darner

dragonfly, Halloween pennant

dragonfly larva, nymph, underwater

dragonfly, mosaic darner

dragonfly, Needham's skimmer

dragonfly, snaketail, pale

dragonfly, striped meadowhawk

dragonfly, twelve-spotted skimmer

dragonfly, widow skimmer

drone fly

dung beetle, scooped scarab

dung fly, golden, yellow

dusk singing cicada

dusky grasshopper

duskywing skipper butterfly, funereal

dusky stink bug

E - Insect


earwig, European

eastern amberwing dragonfly

eastern boxelder bug

eastern carpenter bee

eastern firefly

eastern forktail damselfly

eastern pondhawk dragonfly

eastern tailed blue butterfly

eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly

eastern treehole mosquito

eastern yellowjacket wasp

ebony jewelwing damselfly

Egyptian yellow fat tail scorpion

eight-spotted forester moth caterpillar

elegant grass veneer moth

elegant harvestmen

elm calligrapha beetle

elm leaf beetle

end-band net-wing beetle

ermine moth, Ailanthus webworm

European earwig

European honey bee

European mantis

European paper wasp

Eurymerodesmus millipede

evergreen bagworm

F - Insect

false bombardier beetle

false honey ants

false katydid, round-winged, virtuoso

familiar bluet damselfly

field cicada

field cricket

fiery searcher beetle

filmy dome spider

fire-colored beetle

firefly, black

firefly, eastern

firefly, Photuris species

firefly larva, Photuris species

firefly, Pyropyga decipiens

firefly, Pyropyga nigricans, mating

fire-necked Batyle beetle

fishing spider

flag-tailed spinyleg dragonfly

flat-backed millipede

flatid planthopper, Anormenis chloris

flatid planthopper, Ormenoides venusta

flea beetle, Altica

flea beetle, Disonycha

flesh fly

Florida bark scorpion

flower fly

flower spiders, crab

flower scarab beetle

fly, bee

fly, big-headed

fly, blow, Calliphora

fly, cluster

fly, crane

fly, drone

fly, dung, golden, yellow

fly, flesh

fly, flower

fly, fruit, Mediterranean

fly, fruit, Paracantha culta

fly, fruit, Strauzia longipennis

fly, fruit, walnut husk maggot

fly, green bottle

fly, hanging

fly, horse, black

fly, horse, striped

fly, horse, western

fly, hover, common oblique syrphid

fly, hover, yellowjacket

fly larva, fungus gnat

fly larvae, maggots

fly, long-legged

fly, march

fly, midge

fly, mydas

fly, narcissus bulb

fly, picture-winged, Chaetopsis

fly, picture-winged, Delphinia picta

fly, robber

fly, robber, Atomosia puella

fly, robber, bumble bee mimic

fly, robber, Efferia

fly, robber, Psilonyx annulatus

fly, scorpionfly

fly, snipe

fly, soldier, black

fly, soldier, yellow

fly, spiny tachina

fly, stiletto

fly, stilt-legged

fly, syrphid, Eupeodes

fly, tachinid, Archytas

fly, tachinid, Euthera tentatrix

fly, tachinid, Pararchytas

fly, tachinid, spiny tachina

fly, vinegar

fly, walnut husk maggot

four-lined plant bug

four-marked ash borer beetle

four-spotted skimmer dragonfly

freshwater snail, pond

fritillary butterfly, gulf

fruit fly, Mediterranean

fruit fly, Paracantha culta

fruit fly, Strauzia longipennis

fungus gnat larva

funnel web spider

G - Insect

gall, clustered midrib gall wasp

gall, hedgehog

gall, horned oak

gall, maple bladdergall mite

gallinipper mosquito

garden carrion beetle

garden spider, black and yellow argiope

garden spider, banded orb weaver

garden worm

Gastropoda, Gastropod, snail, U.S.

geometer worm

ghost spider, garden

giant bark aphid

giant centipede, Vietnamese

giant desert hairy scorpion

giant grassland cicada

giant mole cricket

giant South American cockroach

giant gardenslug

giant silk moth

giant water bug

goatweed butterfly

golden dung fly

goldeneyed green lacewing

golden net-wing beetle

goldenrod flower crab spider

goldenrod soldier beetle

goliath beetle

grasshopper, autumn yellow-winged

grasshopper, admirable

grasshopper, band-winged, Encoptolophus costalis

grasshopper, bird, American

grasshopper, bird, gray

grasshopper, bird, obscure

grasshopper, Boll's

grasshopper, brown-spotted range

grasshopper, Carolina, locust

grasshopper, clear-winged

grasshopper, crackling forest

grasshopper, differential

grasshopper, dusky

grasshopper, hayden

grasshopper, lakin

grasshopper, large-headed

grasshopper laying eggs

grasshopper, lichen

grasshopper, marsh meadow

grasshopper, mottled sand

grasshopper, pallid-winged

grasshopper, purple-striped

grasshopper, pygmy, black-sided

grasshopper, red-legged locust

grasshopper, red-shanked

grasshopper, red-winged

grasshopper, snakeweed

grasshopper, speckle-winged rangeland

grasshopper, striped slant-face

grasshopper, toothpick

grasshopper, two-striped

grasshopper, two-striped mermiria

grasshopper, western clouded

grasshopper, wrangler

grass spider

gray bird grasshopper

gray blister beetle

gray hairstreak butterfly

gray silverfish

great black wasp

great golden digger wasp

great southern white butterfly

great spreadwing damselfly

greater meadow katydid

green bottle fly

green cloverworm moth

green cutworm caterpillar

green darner dragonfly

green dock beetle

greenflies, aphids

green june beetle

green lacewing, Chrysopa oculata, goldeneyed

green lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris

green lacewing larva, larvae

green lynx spider

green stink bug

ground beetle, Dicaelus purpuratus

ground crab spider

ground beetle, murky

ground beetle, Pennsylvania

ground mantis

gulf fritillary butterfly

insect photography

insect photography
 H, I, J, K, L, M, N 

H - Insect

hackberry emperor butterfly

Halictid bee, sweat

Halloween pennant dragonfly

hanging fly

hanging thief robber fly

harnessed tiger moth

harvester ants, Pogonomyrmex

harvestman, daddy long legs

hayden grasshopper

hedgehog gall

hellgrammite, dobsonfly larva

helmeted squash bug

Hentz's orb weaver spider

hissing cockroach, Madagascar

Hogna wolf spider

honey bees

honey bee hive

Hong Kong giant centipede

horned oak gall

horned passalus beetle

horned squash bug

hornet's nest

horntail wasp, pigeon tremex

horse fly, black

horse fly, striped

horse fly, western

horseshoe crab

house centipede

hover fly, common oblique syrphid

I - Insect

ichneumon wasp, short-tailed

inch worm

Indian ornamental tarantula

inland floodwater mosquito

ironclad beetle, diabolical

ironweed curculio weevil

Israeli golden scorpion

J - Insect

jagged ambush bug

Japanese beetle

Japanese burrowing cricket

Jerusalem cricket

jewel spider, cat-faced

jewelwing damselfly, ebony

julia heliconian butterfly

jumping plant louse

jumping spider, bold, daring

jumping spider, Hentzia palmarum

jumping spider, Maevia

jumping spider, Phidippus clarus

jumping spider, Phidippus putnami

jumping spider, Platycryptus undatus

jumping spider, Thiodina

jumping spider, zebra

june bug, beetle

juniper twig geometer moth

K - Insect

klamath weed beetle

katydid, angle-winged, greater

katydid, cone-head, Neoconocephalus

katydid, false, round-winged, headed, virtuoso

katydid hunter wasp

katydid, meadow, black-legged

katydid, meadow, greater

katydid, meadow, lesser

katydid, meadow, prairie

katydid, meadow, woodland

katydid, round-headed

katydid, Scudder's bush

katydid, shield-backed

keeled tree hopper

Kern's flower scarab beetle

L - Insect

labyrinth orb-weaver spider

lacewing, brown, Micromus genus

lacewing, green, Chrysoperla rufilabris

lacewing, green, goldeneyed, Chrysopa oculata

lacewing larva, larvae

ladybird beetle, ladybug, Anatis lecontei

ladybird beetle, ladybug, Asian multicolored

ladybird beetle, ladybug, convergent

ladybird beetle, ladybug, seven-spotted, C-7

ladybird beetle, ladybug, spotted lady beetle

ladybird beetle, ladybug, transverse

ladybird beetle, ladybug, two-spotted

ladybug, ladybird beetle, larva, larvae

ladybug, ladybird beetle, life cycle

lakin grasshopper

large claw yellow scorpion, Israeli golden

large-headed grasshopper

large milkweed bug

large orange sulphur butterfly

larva, beetle, carpet

larva, beetle, firefly, lightning bug

larva, beetle, Galerita

larva, beetle, Neopyrochroa

larva, damselfly

larva, dragonfly

larva, fly, fungus gnat

larva, fly, maggot

larva, ladybug, ladybird beetle

lawn moth, sod webworm moth

leaf-cutting ant, atta

leaf-cutting bee, Megachile

leaf-cutting bee, Megachile, cuckoo

leaf-footed bug, Acanthocephala terminalis

leaf-footed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis

leaf-footed bug, Leptoglossus oppositus

leaf-footed bug, Piezogaster calcarator

leaf-footed bug, western conifer seed

leafhopper, Coelidia olitoria

leafhopper, red-banded, candy-striped

leafhopper, sharpshooter, Cuerna alpina

leafhopper, speckled sharpshooter

leaf insect

leafwing butterfly, tropical

leech, leeches

lesser grape root borer moth

lesser meadow katydid

lichen grasshopper

lightning bug, eastern firefly

lightning bug, Photuris species

lightning bug larva, Photuris species

lined orb weaver spider

locust borer longhorn beetle

locust, red-legged grasshopper

lone star tick

long dash skipper butterfly

long-horned bee, Melissodes bimaculata

long-horned bee, Svastra obliqua obliqua

longhorn beetle, Batyle suturalis

longhorn beetle, cactus

longhorn beetle, fire-necked Batyle

longhorn beetle, locust borer

longhorn beetle, red-femured borer

longhorn beetle, soybean stem borer

longhorn beetle, spotted pine sawyer

long-jawed orb-weaver

long-legged fly

long-necked seed bug

luna moth

lynx spider, green

lynx spider, striped

M - Insect

Machilidae, Machilis, bristletail

Madagascar hissing cockroach

maggot, fly larvae, maggots

mantis, Carolina, mantid

mantis, Chinese, mantid

mantis, European praying

mantis, ground

mantis, orchid

mantleslug, slugs

maple bladdergall mite gall

marbled orb weaver spider

march fly

marsh meadow grasshopper

masked chafer beetle

masked hunter assassin bug

mason wasp, Euodynerus

mason wasp, Monobia quadridens

may beetle

mayfly, mayflies

mayfly, common burrower

mayfly, stream, Stenacron

meadow katydid, black-legged

meadow katydid, lesser

meadow katydid, greater

meadow katydid, prairie

meadow katydid, woodland

measuring worm

Mediterranean fruit fly

melissa blue butterfly, mating, butterflies

Mexican bean leaf beetle larva

Mexican bluewing butterfly


milkweed aphid

milkweed bug, large

milkweed bug, small

milkweed leaf beetle

milkweed longhorn beetle, red-femured borer

milkweed tussock moth (caterpillar)

millipede, Abacion tesselatum

millipede, Eurymerodesmus birdi birdi

millipede, flat-backed

millipede, general, African pet

mite, red velvet

mole cricket

mole cricket, prairie

monarch butterfly

monarch butterfly caterpillar

Mormon cricket

mosaic darner dragonfly


mosquito, Asian tiger

mosquito, eastern treehole

mosquito, gallinipper

mosquito, inland floodwater

mosquito, Ochlerotatus dorsalis

mosquito, Ochlerotatus trivittatus

mosquito, woodland, white-footed

moth, Ailanthus webworm, ermine

moth, attacus caesar

moth, banded tussock

moth, common spragueia

moth, confused eusarca

moth, corn earworm

moth, Datana

moth, elegant grass veneer

moth, giant silk

moth, green cloverworm

moth, juniper twig geometer

moth, lawn

moth, lesser grape root borer

moth, luna

moth, polyphemus

moth, plume

moth, snowberry clearwing

moth, sod webworm

moth, tiger, Grammia

moth, tiger, harnessed

moth, unicorn caterpillar

moth, yellow-collared scape

moth, yellow-spotted renia

mottled sand grasshopper

mottled tortoise beetle

mound building ant

mourning cloak butterfly

mud dauber wasp, black and yellow

mud dauber wasp, pipe organ

multicolored Asian ladybird beetle, ladybug

murky ground beetle

mydas fly, Mydas clavatus

N - Insect

narcissus bulb fly

narrow-winged tree cricket

neon blue leg centipede

Neoscona genus orb weaver spiders, Misc.

net-wing beetle, end-band

net-wing beetle, Eropterus trilineatus

net-wing beetle, golden, red

news bee


northern black widow spider

northern dusk singing cicada

northern paper wasp

nursery web spider

nymph, damselfly

nymph, dragonfly

spider pictures

spider pictures
 O, P, Q, R 

O - Insect

obscure bird grasshopper

odorous ant

oil beetle

oleander aphid

orange-banded shoemaker butterfly

orange sulphur butterfly

orange sulphur butterfly, large

orange tiger butterfly

orb weaver spider, see spider, orb weaver

orchid mantis

Oriental cockroach

owl butterfly, tawny

P - Insect

painted lady butterfly

pale snaketail dragonfly

pallid-winged grasshopper

paper wasp, European

paper wasp, northern

paper wasp, Polistes metricus

paper wasp, Western

pearl crescent butterfly

pelecinid wasp

Pennsylvania ground beetle

Pennsylvania wood cockroach

periodical cicada

picture-winged fly, Chaetopsis

picture-winged fly, Delphinia picta

pigeon tremex horntail wasp

pill bug, rolly polly, woodlouse

pillbug hunter spider

pine needle scale

pink spotted lady beetle

pipe organ mud dauber wasp

plant bug, Neurocolpus

plant bug, four-lined

plant bug, Paraxenetus guttulatus

planthopper, Acanaloniid, Acanalonia conica

planthopper, black leaf-leg

planthopper, citrus flatid

planthopper, cixiid, Oliarus

planthopper, derbid

planthopper, dictyopharid, green

planthopper, flatid, Anormenis chloris

planthopper, flatid, Ormenoides venusta

planthopper, two-striped

plant lice, aphids

plant louse, jumping

pleasing fungus beetle

plume moth

polydamas swallowtail butterfly

polyphemus moth

polypore fungus beetle

pond skimmer, water strider

pond snail

potato beetle, Colorado

potato bug

potter wasp, Euodynerus

powdered dancer damselfly

prairie meadow katydid

prairie mole cricket

prairie robber fly

praying mantis, Carolina mantid

praying mantis, Chinese mantid

praying mantis, European

praying mantis, orchid

purple-striped grasshopper

pygmy grasshopper, black-sided

pygmy grasshopper, Paratettix aztecus

Q - Insect

queen butterfly

question mark butterfly

question mark butterfly (caterpillar)

R - Insect

rabid wolf spider

Rajah Brooke's birdwing butterfly

red-banded fungus beetle

red-banded leafhopper

red-blue checkered beetle

red-femured borer milkweed longhorn beetle

red flat bark beetle

red-haired velvet ant

red-headed Texas Chrysomela beetle

red-legged locust, grasshopper

red net-winged beetle

red-shanked grasshopper

red-spotted purple butterfly, Limenitis arthemis astyanax

red thick tail scorpion, red bark

red-winged grasshopper

red velvet mite

rhino beetle, Costa Rican

rhinocerus beetle, Phileurus

rhubarb beetle, weevil

roach - see cockroach

robber fly

robber fly, Atomosia puella

robber fly, bumble bee mimic

robber fly, Efferia

robber fly, prairie

robber fly, Psilonyx annulatus

rock loving locust

rolly polly, pill bug, woodlouse

Roman snail

rough stink bug, shield bug

round-winged katydid, headed, virtuoso

rove beetle

ruby lacewing butterfly, red

rubyspot damselfly, American

insect photos

insect photos
 S, T, U, V 

S - Insect

sachem skipper butterfly

sac spider, long-legged

sand hornet

sand wasp, common


scale, pine needle

scarlet peacock butterfly

scissor-grinder cicada

scoliid wasp, blue-winged

scoliid wasp, double-banded

scooped scarab dung beetle

scorpion, African black tail

scorpion, Arizona striped-tail, 3-stripe

scorpion, California common

scorpion, devil

scorpion, Egyptian yellow fat tail

scorpion, Florida bark

scorpion, giant desert hairy

scorpion, Israeli golden

scorpion fly

scorpion, black desert hairy

scorpion, red thick tail, red bark

scorpion, wind, solpugid

scorpionfly, wingless

Scudder's bush katydid

seven-spotted ladybug, ladybird beetle

seventeen year cicada

sexton burying beetle

sharpshooter, Cuerna alpina

sharpshooter, speckled

short-tailed ichneumon wasp

shield-backed katydid

shield bug, brown, Euschistus sp.

shield bug, green (Uhler)

shield bug, rough

shore spider

sidewalk tiger beetle

silkworm, silk moth caterpillar, larvae

silky ant

silver-bellied cicada

silverfish, common

silverfish, gray

six-spotted tiger beetle

skimmer dragonfly

skipper butterfly, misc., mating, feeding

skipper butterfly, long dash

skipper butterfly, sachem

skipper butterfly, woodland

skimmer dragonfly, Needham's

slugs, misc, mantleslug

slug, great grey, tiger, spotted leopard, giant gardenslug

small milkweed bug

Smith's fruit chafer

snail, African giant land

snail, Gastropoda, Gastropod

snail, pond

snail, Roman

snaketail dragonfly, pale

snakeweed grasshopper

snipe fly

snout beetle, black vine weevil

snout beetle, ironweed Curculio

snout beetle, nut and acorn, Curculio

snout butterfly, American

snowberry clearwing moth

sod webworm moth

soldier beetle, Colorado

soldier beetle, goldenrod

soldier beetle, Podabrus rugosulus

soldier beetle, Podabrus tomentosus

soldier beetle, Trypherus latipennis

soldier fly, black

soldier fly, yellow

solifugae, solpugid, wind scorpion

South American giant cockroach

southwestern dampwood termite

sow bug, woodlouse, pill bug

soybean stem borer longhorn beetle

speckled sharpshooter leafhopper

speckle-winged rangeland grasshopper

spider, antmimic

spider, banded garden spider

spider, black and yellow argiope

spider, black widow, northern

spider, black widow, western

spider, brown recluse

spider, brush-legged

spider, cat-faced

spider, cellar

spider, cobweb, Argyrodes

spider, cobweb, common house

spider, cobweb, Rhomphaea

spider, crab, flower

spider, crab, goldenrod flower

spider, crab, ground

spider, crab, Misumenops

spider, filmy dome

spider, fishing

spider, funnel web

spider, ghost, garden

spider, grass

spider, jumping, bold, daring

spider, jumping, Hentzia palmarum

spider, jumping, Maevia

spider, jumping, Phidippus clarus

spider, jumping, Phidippus putnami

spider, jumping, Platycryptus undatus

spider, jumping, Thiodina

spider, jumping, zebra

spider, long-legged sac

spider, lynx, green

spider, lynx, striped

spider, nursery web

spider, orb weaver, arabesque

spider, orb weaver, arrowhead

spider, orb weaver, arrowshaped

spider, orb weaver, banded garden

spider, orb weaver, cat-faced

spider, orb weaver, Hentz's

spider, orb weaver, labyrinth

spider, orb weaver, lined

spider, orb weaver, long-jawed

spider, orb weaver, marbled

spider, orb weaver, Neoscona genus misc

spider, orb weaver, orchard

spider, orb weaver, spined micrathena

spider, orb weaver, spotted, Neoscona crucifera

spider, orb weaver, spotted, Neoscona domiciliorum

spider, orb weaver, starbellied

spider, orb weaver, triangle

spider, orb weaver, white micrathena

spider, orb weaver, yellow garden

spider, pillbug hunter

spider, recluse, brown

spider, sac, long-legged

spider, sheetweb

spider, tarantula - see tarantula

spider, trapdoor, black

spider, violin

spider wasp

spider wasp, tarantula hawk

spider web

spider, wolf, brush-legged

spider, wolf, dotted

spider, wolf, Hogna

spider, wolf, misc.

spider, wolf, rabid

spider, wolf, thin-legged

spider, wolf, thin-legged shore

spider, woodlouse hunter

spined micrathena orb weaver

spined-waisted ant

spiny assassin bug

spiny tachina fly

spittlebug, diamond-backed

spittlebug, two-lined

spotted cucumber beetle

spotted lady beetle

spotted leopard slug

spotted orb weaver spider

spotted pine sawyer longhorn beetle

springwater dancer damselfly

squash beetle, lady

squash bug, Anasa repetita

squash bug, helmeted

squash bug, horned

starbellied orb weaver spider

stick insect, walkingstick, common

stiletto fly

stilt bug

stilt-legged fly

stink bug, brown, Euschistus sp.

stink bug, Chlorochroa granulosa

stink bug, conchuela

stink bug, dusky

stink bug, green

stink bug, Mormidea lugens

stink bug, rough

stone centipede, Lithobiomorpha


stonefly, Agnetina flavescens

stream mayfly, Stenacron

striped horse fly

striped lynx spider

striped meadowhawk dragonfly

striped slant-face grasshopper

striped-tail scorpion, 3-stripe, devil scorpion

subterranean termites

summer azure butterfly

sun spider, solpugid, wind scorpion

swallowtail butterfly, black

swallowtail butterfly, eastern tiger

swallowtail butterfly, two-tailed

swallowtail butterfly, zebra

swamp cicada

swamp milkweed leaf beetle

sweat bee

sycamore assassin bug

syrphid fly, common oblique

T - Insect

tachinid fly, Archytas

tachinid fly, Euthera tentatrix

tachinid fly, Pararchytas

tachinid fly, spiny tachina

tailless whipscorpion

Tanzanian neon blue leg centipede

tarantula being held, in hand

tarantula, bird eating, Goliath

tarantula, Chilean rose hair

tarantula, Chinese black earth tiger

tarantula, cobalt blue

tarantula hawk wasp

tarantula, Indian ornamental

tarantula, Mexican red kneed

tarantula, pink zebra beauty

tarantula, Trinidad chevron

tarantula, Usambara orange baboon

tawny owl butterfly

tent caterpillar

termites, Arizona dampwood

termites, subterranean

thin-legged shore spider

thin-legged wolf spider

thread-waisted wasp, Eremnophila aureonotata

three-striped, lined, blister beetle

tick, lone star

tick, wood, American dog

tiger beetle, crimson saltflat

tiger beetle, sidewalk

tiger beetle, six-spotted

tiger beetle, twelve-spotted

tiger mosquito, Asian

tiger moth, Grammia

tiger moth, harnessed

tiger slug

tiger swallowtail butterfly, eastern

toad bug, big-eyed

toe biter

toe-winged beetle

tomato worm, tobacco hornworm

tortoise beetle, mottled

transverse lady bird beetle, ladybug

trapdoor spider, black

tree cricket, broad-winged

tree cricket, narrow-winged

tree cricket, Oecanthus

tree cricket, two-spotted

treehopper, Campylenchia latipes

treehopper, Entylia carinata

treehopper, keeled

treehopper, Telamona maculata

triangle orb weaver

Trinidad chevron tarantula

tropical leafwing butterfly

tussock moth, banded

tussock moth, banded (caterpillar)

twelve-spotted skimmer dragonfly

twelve-spotted, tiger beetle

twenty-four spot lady beetle

two-lined spittlebug

two-spotted ladybird beetle, ladybug

two-spotted tree cricket

two-striped mermiria grasshopper

two-striped grasshopper

two-striped planthopper

two-tailed swallowtail

U - Insect

unicorn caterpillar moth

Usambara orange baboon tarantula

V - Insect

varied carpet beetle

velvet ant, eastern red, cow killer

velvet ant, red-haired

Vietnamese giant centipede

viceroy butterfly

vinegar fly

violin spider, brown recluse

vivid dancer damselfly

spider photos

spider photos
 W, X, Y, Z 

W - Insect

walkingstick, common, northern

walnut husk maggot fly

wasp, Astata

wasp, aulacid

wasp, blue-winged

wasp, braconid, Atanycolus

wasp, braconid, Doryctes

wasp, braconid, Macrocentrus

wasp, cicada killer, sand hornet

wasp, digger

wasp, double-banded scoliid

wasp, European paper

wasp, great black

wasp, horntail, pigeon tremex

wasp, ichneumon, short-tailed

wasp, katydid hunter

wasp, mason, Euodynerus

wasp, mason, Monobia quadridens

wasp, mud dauber, black and yellow

wasp, mud dauber, pipe organ

wasp, paper, European

wasp, paper, northern

wasp, paper, Polistes metricus

wasp, pelecinid

wasp, sand

wasp, spider

wasp, tarantula hawk

wasp, thread-waisted, Eremnophila aureonotata

wasp, velvet ant, eastern red, cow killer

wasp, velvet ant, red-haired

wasp, western paper

wasp, yellowjacket, eastern

wasp, yellowjacket, western

water bug, creeping, Pelocoris sp.

waterscorpion, Ranatra

water strider

web, spider

weevil, black vine, snout beetle

weevil, bluegrass billbug

weevil, ironweed curculio

weevil, Lixus scrobicollis

weevil, nut and acorn, Curculio

weevil, rhubarb beetle, Lixus concavus

weevil, Rhyssomatus

western black widow spider

western clouded grasshopper

western conifer seed bug

western horse fly

western paper wasp

western yellowjacket

wheel bug

whip scorpion, tailless

white micrathena orb weaver

white peacock butterfly

whirligig beetle

wideheaded rottenwood termite

widow skimmer dragonfly

wild bee hive

wind scorpion, solpugid

wingless scorpionfly


wireworm beetle

wolf spider, see spider, wolf

wood cockroach, Pennsylvania

woodland meadow katydid

woodland white-footed mosquito


woodlouse spider

wood nymph butterfly, common

wood tick

wool carder bee

woolly aphid

woolly bear caterpillar

wrangler grasshopper

writing spider

Y - Insect

yellow-collared scape moth

yellow dung fly

yellow fat tail scorpion, Egyptian

yellowjacket hover fly

yellowjacket nest, aerial

yellowjacket, eastern

yellowjacket, western

yellow-marked buprestid beetle

yellow soldier fly

yellow-spotted renia moth

Z- Insect

zebra longwing butterfly

zebra swallowtail butterfly

zebra spider

bug pics

bug pics