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Mammals are vertebrates that have hair, and the females have mammary glands that produce milk for their young. These glands only become active after bearing young, and are a product of epithelial cells underneath the skin. Mammals can be categorized into three groups. Monotremes lay eggs. Marsupials have a pouch to nurse their young, which are born in an undeveloped state. Placentals' young are nourished and develop in the uterus. Mammals are warm-blooded or endothermic, meaning they have a constant warm body temperature that's internally regulated.

On this page you will find stock photos of mammals from all around the world, from Antarctica to Africa, and especially those of North America and Colorado.
animal pictures
animal pictures animal pictures
animal pictures
 A, B, C, D, E 

A - Mammal

African buffalo, Cape buffalo

African elephant

African hunting dog

African leopard

African lion

African wild dog


Alaskan brown bear, grizzly


American badger

American beaver

American black bear

American buffalo, bison

American pika

anteater, giant

anteater, spiny, echidna

antelope, American

antelope, pronghorn

Arctic fox

Arctic ground squirrel

Arctic hare

Arizona gray squirrel

armadillo, nine-banded

Asian small-clawed otter

Asian elephant, Indian

B - Mammal


baboon, olive

badger, North American

badger, Eurasian

bat, fruit

banded mongoose

bat, lesser white-lined

bat, vampire

bear, Alaskan brown, grizzly

bear, black

bear, black bear, Kermode, ghost, spirit, white phase

bear, brown Alaskan

bear, Kodiak

bear, grizzly

bear, polar

bear, sun

bearded seal

beaver, American

Belding's ground squirrel

Bennett's wallaby

bighorn sheep, desert

bighorn sheep, Rocky mountain

bison, North American, buffalo

black angus cow

black-backed jackal, silver-backed

black bear

black bear, Kermode, ghost, spirit, white phase

black-footed ferret

black-footed rock wallaby, warru

black howler monkey

black panther

black rhinoceros

black-tailed jackrabbit

black-tailed prairie dog

blue whale


bonobo, pygmy chimpanzee

Brazilian porcupine

Brazilian tapir

brown bear, grizzly

brown hyena

brown-mantled tamarin

buffalo, African, Cape buffalo

buffalo, bison, North American

bush pig

bunny - see rabbit

C - Mammal

California ground squirrel

California sea lion

Canada lynx

Cape buffalo, African buffalo

Cape ground squirrel

Cape wild dog

capuchin wedge-capped, weeper



cat, domestic, house

cat, fishing

cat, Pallas's

Chacoan peccary, tagua


chickaree - see red, pine, Douglas squirrel

chipmunk, Colorado

chipmunk, eastern

chipmunk, least

chipmunk, merriam

chipmunk, red-tailed

chipmunk, yellow pine

clouded leopard

coati, coatimundi, white-nosed

collared peccary, javelina

Colorado chipmunk

Columbian ground squirrel

common gibbon, white-handed

common short-beaked dolphin

cottontail rabbit, desert

cottontail rabbit, eastern

cottontail rabbit, mountain

cougar, adult, cubs, puma, mountain lion

cow, black angus


crab-eating fox

D - Mammal

Dall sheep

deer, mule, buck, doe, fawn

deer, whitetail

desert bighorn sheep

desert cottontail rabbit

devil, Tasmanian

dog, African wild, hunting

dog, domestic

dolphin, common short-beaked

dolphin, misc.

domestic cat, house

Douglas squirrel

dwarf mongoose

E - Mammal

eastern chipmunk

eastern cottontail rabbit

eastern gray squirrel

eastern grey kangaroo

eastern fox squirrel

eastern mole

eastern white-bearded wildebeest, gnu


elephant, African

elephant, Asian, Indian

elephant seal, northern

elk, Rocky Mountain, wapiti, bull, cow, calf

elk, Roosevelt, bull, cow, calf

elk, tule

ermine, stoat

el tigre, jaguar

Eurasian red squirrel

European hedgehog

European otter

European polecat, ferret

European wildcat, Scottish

animal pictures

animal pictures
 F, G, H, I, J 

F - Mammal

ferret, black-footed

ferret, European polecat


fishing cat

Florida manatee

fox, Arctic

fox, crab-eating

fox, gray, grey

fox, kit, swift

fox, red

fox squirrel, eastern

fruit bat

fur seal, Galapagos

fur seal, northern

G - Mammal

Galapagos fur seal

Galapagos sea lion



ghost bear, spirit, Kermode, white phase black bear

giant anteater

giant panda

gibbon, white-handed, common


glider, sugar

gnu, wildebeest, eastern-white bearded

goat, mountain

golden lion tamarin

golden-mantled ground squirrel

golden-mantled ground squirrel, Cascade

gorilla, silverback

gray fox, grey fox

gray squirrel, eastern

gray wolf, timber wolves

greater kudu

Grevy's zebra

grizzly bear

groundhog, woodchuck

ground squirrel, Arctic

ground squirrel, Belding's

ground squirrel, Cape

ground squirrel, California

ground squirrel, Columbian

ground squirrel, golden-mantled

ground squirrel, golden-mantled, Cascade

ground squirrel, thirteen-lined

guinea pig

H - Mammal

harbor seal

hare, arctic

hare, snowshoe

Harris's antelope squirrel

hedgehog, European

Hippopotamus, hippo

hoary marmot


house cat, domestic

howler monkey, black

Humboldt's woolly monkey

humpback whale

Husky, domestic dog

hyena, brown

hyena, spotted, laughing hyena

I - Mammal

Indian elephant, Asian

Indian rhinoceros

Indo-Chinese tiger

J - Mammal

jackal, black-backed, silver-backed

jackrabbit, blacktailed

jackrabbit, white-tailed

jaguar, el tigre

Japanese macaque


big game photos

big game photos
 K, L, M, N 

K - Mammal

kangaroo, eastern grey

kangaroo, red

Kermode bear, ghost, spirit, black bear white phase

killer whale, orca, beached

kit fox, swift

koala bear

Kodiak bear

kudu, greater

L - Mammal

least chipmunk

lemur, ring-tailed

leopard, African

leopard, clouded

leopard, Persian

leopard, snow

lesser white-lined bat

lion, African


long-tailed weasel

lynx, Canadian

lynx, Siberian

M - Mammal

manatee, Florida


marmot, hoary

marmot, eastern, groundhog, woodchuck

marmot, yellow-bellied

meerkat, suricate

merriam chipmunk

Mexican wolf



mole, eastern

mongoose, banded

mongoose, dwarf

mongoose, yellow

monkey, black howler

monkey, Humboldt'swoolly

monkey, snow

monkey, spider, Columbian brown, variegated

monkey, squirrel

monkey, sulawesi crested macaque

monkey, vervet with young

monk seal, Hawaiian

moose, bull, cow, calf

mountain cottontail rabbit

mountain goat

mountain lion, adult, cubs, puma, cougar

mountain viscacha

mouse, rat

mule deer, buck, doe, fawn

musk ox


N - Mammal

nine-banded armadillo

North American lynx

North American porcupine, porky

northern elephant seal

northern fur seal

northern sea lion

northern short-tailed shrew

northern river otter


wildlife stock photography

wildlife stock photography
 O, P, Q, R 

O - Mammal

olive baboon

opossum, Virginia


orca whale beached


otter, Asian small-clawed

otter, European

otter, river

otter, sea

P - Mammal

Pallas's cat

panda, giant

panda, red

panther, black

peccary, Chacoan

peccary, collared, javelina

pig, Visayan warty

pika, American

pine squirrel

plains zebra

polar bear

polecat, ferret, European

porcupine, Brazilian

porcupine, North American, adult

porky - see porcupine

porpoise, dolphin


prairie dog, black-tailed

prairie dog, white-tailed

prehensile-tailed porcupine

prairie hare

pronghorn antelope

puma, adult, cubs, cougar, mountain lion

pygmy chimpanzee, bonobo

R - Mammal

rabbit, cottontail, desert

rabbit, cottontail, eastern

rabbit, cottontail, mountain

rabbit, jackrabbit black-tailed

rabbit, snowshoe hare


raccoon tracks

rat, mouse

red fox

red kangaroo

red-necked wallaby, rufous

red panda

red squirrel, Eurasian

red river hog

red-tailed chipmunk


rhino - see rhinoceros

rhinoceros, black, rhino

rhinoceros, Indian, rhino

rhinoceros, Sumatran, rhino

rhinoceros, white, rhino

ringtail, ring-tailed cat

ring-tailed lemur

river otter, northern

rock chuck, marmot

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

Rocky Mountain elk, wapiti, bull, cow, calf

Rocky Mountain goat

Roosevelt elk, bull, cow

rufous wallaby, red-necked

animal pictures

animal pictures
 S, T, U, V 

S - Mammal

Scottish wildcat, European

seal, bearded

seal, elephant, northern

seal, fur, Galapagos

seal, fur, northern

seal, harbor

seal, monk, Hawaiian

seal, Weddell

sea lion, California

sea lion, Galapagos

sea lion, Steller's

sea otter


sheep, desert bighorn

sheep, Rocky Mountain bighorn

sheep, Dall

sheep, Stone

sheep, white, Dall

short-tailed weasel

shrew, short-tailed

Siberian lynx

Siberian tiger

silverback gorilla

skunk, striped

snow leopard

snow monkey

snowshoe hare

southern tamandua

spider monkey, Columbian brown, variegated

spiny anteater, echidna

spirit bear, ghost bear, Kermode bear, black bear white phase

spotted hyena, laughing hyena

squirrel, Arctic ground

squirrel, Arizona gray

squirrel, Belding's ground

squirrel, California ground

squirrel, Columbian ground

squirrel, Douglas

squirrel, Eurasian red

squirrel, fox, eastern

squirrel, golden-mantled ground

squirrel, gray, eastern

squirrel, pine

squirrel, red

squirrel, thirteen-lined ground

Steller's sea lion

Stone sheep


striped skunk

sugar glider

Sumatran rhinoceros, rhino

sun bear

suricate, meerkat

swift fox, kit

T - Mammal



tamandua, southern

tamarin, brown-mantled

tamarin, golden lion

tapir, Brazilian

Tasmanian devil

thirteen-lined ground squirrel

tiger, Indo-Chinese

tiger, Siberian

timber wolf, gray wolves


tule elk

V - Mammal

vampire bat

vervet monkey with young

Virginia opossum

Visayan warty pig

viscacha, mountain

big game stock photos

big game stock photos
 W, X, Y, Z 

W - Mammal

wallaby, Bennett's

wallaby, black-footed rock, warru

wallaby, red-necked, rufous

Waller's gazelle

walrus, colony, rookery, group, swimming

wapiti, Rocky Mountain elk, bull, cow, calf



weasel, long-tailed

Weddell seal

wedge-capped capuchin, weeper

whale, blue

whale, humpback

whale, orca, beached

white-handed gibbon, common

white-nosed coatimundi

white sheep, Dall

whitetail deer

white-tailed jackrabbit

white-tailed prairie dog

white rhinoceros, rhino

wildcat, European, Scottish

wild dog, African, Cape hunting

wildebeest, eastern white-bearded, gnu

wolf, wolves, gray, timber

wolf, Mexican


woodchuck, groundhog

woolly monkey, Humboldt's

Y - Mammal

yellow-bellied marmot

yellow mongoose

yellow pine chipmunk

Yuma antelope squirrel

Z - Mammal

zebra, Grevy's

zebra, plains

animal stock photography

animal stock photography