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 A, B, C, D, E 

A - Insect

African black tail scorpion

African giant land snail

American cockroach

American dog tick

American painted lady butterfly

American rubyspot damselfly

American snout butterfly

Ambush bug, Phymata erosa

angular-winged katydid



ants herding aphids, milking, tending

ant, leaf-cutting, atta

ant, southern wood, red

ant, velvet, red-haired

aphid, aphids

argiope spider, banded

argiope spider, black and yellow

Arizona striped-tail scorpion, 3-stripe, devil scorpion

Army cutworm

Asian ladybird beetle, multicolored ladybug

assassin, bee, European

attacus caesar moth

B - Insect

black trapdoor spider

banded argiope spider

banded woolly bear caterpillar

bark scorpion, Florida

bee, carpenter

bee, digger, Melissodes

bee assassin, European

bee, European

bee fly, Bombyliidae, Colorado

bee fly, European

bee, green metallic

bee, honey

bee, honey, hive, wild

bee, western leafcutting

beetle, brown fruit chafer

beetle, cactus longhorn

beetle, carabus

beetle, Colorado potato

beetle, common cockchafer

beetle, darkling

beetle, darkling, Eleodes

beetle, dung, earth-boring

beetle, goliath

beetle, Japanese

beetle, leaf, European

beetle, locust borer longhorn

beetle, milkweed longhorn, red

beetle, red flat bark

beetle, rhino, Costa Rica

beetle, rose chafer

beetle, Smith's fruit chafer

beetle, spotted cucumber

beetle, tortoise

beetle, weevil, black vine, snout

bird eating spider, Goliath tarantula

black earth tiger tarantula

black swallowtail butterfly

black and yellow argiope spider

black vine weevil, snout beetle

black widow spider, western

blue-eyed darner dragonfly

blue morpho butterfly, common

bot fly maggot, larvae

boxelder bug, eastern

brown fruit chafer beetle

brown recluse spider, violin spider

buckeye butterfly


bumblebee, red-tailed

bumble flower beetle

burnet moth, European

bush-cricket, great green


butterfly, American painted lady

butterfly, American snout

butterfly, black swallowtail

butterfly, blue morpho, common

butterfly, buckeye

butterfly, Cairns birdwing

butterfly, Choe cracker

butterfly, clouded sulphur

butterfly, eastern tailed blue

butterfly, eastern tiger swallowtail

butterfly, goatweed

butterfly, gray hairstreak

butterfly, great southern white

butterfly, gulf fritillary

butterfly, large orange sulphur

butterfly, leafwing, tropical

butterfly, melissa blue, mating, butterflies

butterfly, monarch

butterfly, monarch, chrysalis, pupae

butterfly, orange-banded shoemaker

butterfly, orange sulphur

butterfly, owl, tawny

butterfly, pearl crescent

butterfly, queen

butterfly, Rajah Brooke's birdwing

butterfly, ruby lacewing, red

butterfly, scarlet peacock

butterfly, skipper

butterfly, skipper, fiery

butterfly, skipper, white-checkered

butterfly, snout, American

butterfly, two-tailed swallowtail

butterfly, zebra swallowtail

C - Insect

cactus longhorn beetle

Cairns birdwing butterfly

camel cricket

camel spider

Carolina grasshopper, locust

carpenter bee


caterpillar, black swallowtail butterfly

caterpillar, gypsy moth

caterpillar, monarch butterfly

caterpillar, tussock moth

caterpillar, woolly bear, banded

cat-faced spider, jewel


centipede, Hong Kong giant

centipede, house

centipede, Tanzanian neon blue leg

centipede, Vietnamese giant

chafer, brown fruit

chafer, rose, beetle

chafer, Smith's fruit

Chinese black earth tiger tarantula

Chinese centipede, Hong Kong giant

Chloe's cracker butterfly

clearwing moth, Rocky Mountain

clouded sulphur butterfly


cicada, periodical

cicada, 17 year, seventeen

clearwing moth, Rocky Mountain, bumblebee

Colorado potato beetle

cone-head katydid, Nebraska

conifer seed bug, western

crab, horseshoe

crab spider

crab spider, flower

crane fly

cricket, camel

cricket, field

cricket, great green bush-cricket

cricket, mole

cobalt blue tarantula

cockroach, American

cockroach, oriental

cockroach, Madagascar hissing

cockroach, South American giant

common awl robber fly

common blue morpho butterfly

cucumber beetle, spotted

cutworm, army

D - Insect

daddy long legs

damselfly, damselflies

damselfly, American rubyspot

damselfly, damselflies, eating, hunting prey

damselfly, ebony jewelwing

damselfly larvae, nymph

darkling beetle

darkling beetle, Eleodes

desert hairy scorpion

differential grasshopper

digger bee, Melissodes

digger wasp, great golden

dragonfly, dragonflies

dragonfly, blue-eyed darner

dragonfly, eastern amberwing

dragonfly larvae, nymph

dragonfly, skimmer, Needham's

drone fly

dusky grasshopper

E - Insect


earwig, European

eastern amberwing dragonfly

eastern boxelder bug

eastern tailed blue butterfly

eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly

ebony jewelwing damselfly

Egyptian yellow fat tail scorpion

elegant harvestmen

European mantid, praying mantis

European paper wasp

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 F, G, H, I, J 

F - Insect

false leaf katydid, Australian

field cricket

fiery skipper butterfly


Florida bark scorpion

flower crab spider


fly, bee, European

fly, bee, Bombyliidae, Colorado

fly, crane

fly, drone

fly, green bottle

fly larvae, maggots

fly, robber

fly, robber, Promachus hinei

fly (larvae) - see maggot

fritillary butterfly, gulf


G - Insect

garden spider, black and yellow argiope

garden spider, banded argiope

giant centipede, Vietnamese

giant desert hairy scorpion

giant South American cockroach

giant silk moth

goatweed butterfly

golden silk spider

goliath beetle

grasshopper, other

grasshopper, Carolina, locust

grasshopper, differential

grasshopper, dusky

grasshopper laying eggs

grasshopper, pallid-winged

grasshopper, red-legged locust

grasshopper, red-winged

grasshopper, striped

grasshopper, two-striped

grasshopper, western clouded

gray hairstreak butterfly

great golden digger wasp

great green bush-cricket

great southern white butterfly

green bottle fly

green lacewing

green lacewing larva, larvae

green lynx spider

green metallic bee

green stink bug (Uhler)

gulf fritillary butterfly

H - Insect

harvestmen, elegant

hissing cockroach, Madagascar

honey bee

honey bee hive, wild

Hong Kong giant centipede

hooded mantis, leaf mantid

hornet, yellow jacket, western

horntail wasp

horseshoe crab

house centipede

huntsman spider

I - Insect

ichneumon wasp, short-tailed

Indian ornamental tarantula

Israeli golden scorpion

J - Insect

Japanese beetle

jewel spider, cat-faced

jewelwing damselfly, ebony

jumping spider, daring

jumping spider with prey

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 K, L, M, N 

K - Insect

katydid, angular winged

katydid, Australian false leaf

katydid, cone-head, Nebraska

katydid, keeled shield-back

katydid, Texas bush

L - Insect

lacewing, green

lacewing green, larva, larvae

ladybird beetle, ladybug, Asian, multicolored

ladybird beetle, ladybug, seven-spot

ladybug, ladybird beetle, chrysalis

ladybug, ladybird beetle, larva, larvae

ladybug, ladybird beetle, life cycle

large claw yellow scorpion, Israeli golden

large milkweed bug

large orange sulphur butterfly

larvae, damselfly

larvae, dragonfly

larvae, fly, maggot

larvae, bot fly maggot

larva, larvae, ladybug, ladybird beetle

leaf beetle, european

leaf-cutting ant, atta

leaf-cutting bee, western

leafhoppers, cicadellidae

leaf insect

leaf mantid, hooded mantis

leafwing butterfly, tropical

leech, leeches

locust borer longhorn beetle

locust, red-legged

longhorn beetle, cactus

luna moth

M - Insect

Madagascar hissing cockroach

maggot, fly larvae, maggots

maggot, bot fly larvae

mantis, praying

mantis, European praying mantid

mantis, orchid

mayfly, mayflies

melissa blue butterfly, mating, butterflies

milkweed beetle, red longhorn

milkweed bug, large

milkweed bug, small


millipede, common native, Colorado

mole cricket

monarch butterfly

monarch butterfly caterpillar

monarch butterfly chrysalis, pupae

moth, attacus caesar

moth, burnet, European

moth, Rocky Mountain clearwing

moth, giant silk

moth, luna

moth, nine-spotted

moth, southern flannel


multicolored ladybird beetle, Asian ladybug

N - Insect

neon blue leg centipede

night crawler, earthworm

nine-spotted moth

nymph, damselfly, larvae

nymph, dragonfly, larvae

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 O, P, Q, R 

O - Insect

orange-banded shoemaker butterfly

orange sulphur butterfly

orange sulphur butterfly, large

orb weaver spider

orb weaver spider, Neoscona genus, Colorado

orchid mantis

oriental cockroach

owl butterfly, tawny

P - Insect

painted lady butterfly, American

pallid-winged grasshopper

paper wasp, European

paper wasp, Western

pearl crescent butterfly

periodical cicada


pill bug, rolly polly, woodlouse

pine needle scale

potato beetle, Colorado

praying mantis

praying mantis, European mantid

praying mantis, orchid

Q - Insect

queen butterfly

R - Insect

Rajah Brooke's birdwing butterfly

red flat bark beetle

red-haired velvet ant

red-legged locust

red milkweed beetle, longhorn

red-tailed bumble bee

red thick tail scorpion, red bark

red-winged grasshopper

red wood ant

rhino beetle, Costa Rican

roach - see cockroach

robber fly

robber fly, common awl

robberfly, Promachus hinei

Rocky Mountain clearwing moth

rolly polly, pill bug, woodlouse

Roman snail

rose chafer beetle

ruby lacewing butterfly, red

rubyspot damselfly, American

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 S, T, U, V 

S - Insect


scale, pine needle

scarlet peacock butterfly

scorpion, African black tail

scorpion, Arizona striped-tail, 3-stripe

scorpion, devil

scorpion, Egyptian yellow fat tail

scorpion, Florida bark

scorpion, giant desert hairy

scorpion, Israeli golden

scorpion, red thick tail, red bark

scorpion, wind, solpugid

scorpionfly, wingless

seven-spot ladybird beetle, ladybug

seventeen year cicada

sheep tick

short-tailed ichneumon wasp

silkworm, silk moth caterpillar, larvae


skipper butterfly

skipper butterfly, fiery

skipper butterfly, white-checkered

skimmer dragonfly, Needham's


small milkweed bug

Smith's fruit chafer

snail, African giant land

snail, Roman

snout beetle, black vine weevil

snout butterfly, American

solifugae, solpugid, wind scorpion

South American giant cockroach

southern flannel moth

southern wood ant

sow bug, woodlouse, pill bug

spider, argiope, black and yellow

spider, banded argiope

spider, black widow, western

brown recluse spider, violin spider

spider, cat-faced, jewel

spider, crab

spider, crab, flower

spider, daring jumping

spider, green lynx

spider, huntsman

spider, jumping, daring

spider, jumping, with prey

spider, orb weaver

spider, orb weaver, Neoscona genus, Colorado

spider, tarantula, Aphonopelma species

spider, tarantula, bird eating, Goliath

spider, tarantula, Chilean rose hair

spider, tarantula, Chinese black earth tiger

spider, tarantula, cobalt blue

spider, tarantula, Indian ornamental

spider, tarantula, Mexican red kneed

spider, tarantula, pink zebra beauty

spider, tarantula, Trinidad chevron

spider, tarantula, Usumbara orange baboon

spider, tarantula, Usumbara orange baboon, threat display

spider, tarantula in hand, held

spider, trapdoor, black

spider web

spider, wolf

spider, woodlouse hunter

spined soldier bug


stink bug, green (Uhler)

striped grasshopper

striped-tail scorpion, 3-stripe, devil scorpion

soldier bug, spined

spittelbug - see froghopper

spotted cucumber beetle

sun spider, solpugid, wind scorpion

swallowtail butterfly, black

swallowtail butterfly, eastern tiger

swallowtail butterfly, zebra

T - Insect

tailless whipscorpion

Tanzanian neon blue leg centipede

tarantula, Aphonopelma species

tarantula being held, in hand

tarantula, bird eating, Goliath

tarantula, Chilean rose hair

tarantula, Chinese black earth tiger

tarantula, cobalt blue

tarantula, Indian ornamental

tarantula, Mexican red kneed

tarantula, pink zebra beauty

tarantula, Trinidad chevron

tarantula, Usumbara orange baboon

tarantula, Usumbara orange baboon, threat display

tawny owl butterfly


Texas bush katydid

tick, sheep

tick, wood, American dog

tiger swallowtail butterfly, eastern

tortoise beetle

trapdoor spider, black


Trinidad chevron tarantula

tropical leafwing butterfly

tussock moth caterpillar

two-striped grasshopper

two-tailed swallowtail

U - Insect

Usumbara orange baboon tarantula

Usumbara orange baboon tarantula, threat display

V - Insect

velvet ant, red-haired

Vietnamese giant centipede

violin spider, brown recluse

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